• ID: CA-ALL-20180720
  • Revision: 1
  • Description: Fraudulent notification concerning C3 Sentinel security
  • Release Date: 2018-07-20
  • PDF Format

Fraudulent Alert

Some of our customers have reported receiving an email and letters stating that EMS C3 Sentinel is not CJIS compliant and has security vulnerabilities. Customers not using the latest release of C3 Sentinel will be missing functionality features and may have issues related to Windows updates. Ensuring that you are running the latest version of the software will mitigate this. C3 Sentinel has always integrated security and is not in violation of CJIS requirements.

Storage security and file encryption capability is fully integrated into C3 Sentinel and is easily configured by accessing the system configuration settings. File security is configured under System Configuration | Systems | Parameters | Security | Global File Access Control. Likewise, file encryption can also be enabled to prevent viewing of data except via the C3 Sentinel software. If using our 8-port docking station, encryption can be enabled at the edge to ensure secure data flow from end point to end point.

C3 Sentinel does not require proprietary or specialized storage, providing the customer a cost-effective means of deploying the system in their environment. VisioLogix believes in empowering customers by giving them choices in how they deploy their system that best fits their requirements. To achieve this goal C3 Sentinel supports Windows Server storage, NAS and SAN storage solutions.

Some manufacturers want to sell additional hardware and unproven software that demands the purchase of a larger, faster server and a SAN storage system to secure deficiencies in their product. The flexibility provided by VisioLogix gives you the opportunity to leverage existing equipment and protect your existing investment. Changing to another proposed system should not be a “rip it out and replace it” requirement by the vendor.

Lack of training and familiarity of our product by some partners has resulted in a lack of understanding that has lead them to make fraudulent claims in an attempt to convince some customers to switch solutions.

We encourage our customers to contact us and learn more about the security and encryption features already built into C3 Sentinel and explore our other offerings for on-site and cloud evidence management.

With our evidence management solutions and cameras some options are FREE while others require a nominal fee:

  • BWC Trade-in special – trade in your old camera for a new camera. Get a FREE stabilizing magnet mount with each camera (a $39.95 value).
  • Learn about HYDRA, our cloud-based evidence management system that can also be deployed On-Premise instead of a pure cloud solution.
  • HYDRA is a very low-cost system and with HYDRA-SOS (Storage-On-Site) customers can provide their own local storage while using the cloud-based interface managed by VisioLogix.
  • Award winning support from VisioLogix.
  • Customers with current annual support always receive free software updates.
  • Purchase directly from our distributors or VisioLogix.

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